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The Consultant
Partnership programme

Join us and expand, get an extra income by consulting for one of the fastest Growing “Software & everything Tech” Company in South Africa.

The partnership programme aims to give, individuals & small business more services to their businesses by giving them an opportunity to consult on behalf of “Teekay Networks Ltd.” You don’t need to be a registered company, you just have to be keen and hard working.

Earn extra Income

get paid 20% of the initial invoice when you redirect clients to us, you dont do the work, you just get us clients and get paid upon project completion.

Quick Support

we give you access to multiple options to help you kick start your consultant journey, get access to our intranet and get help from our team regarding any query.

Consultant Registration Form
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How It Works

Register for the Consultant Partnership programme by filling up the form below and we will be in touch with you to get to know you and build trust & loyalty.
Get Aproved by our Team & We are in Business
Work with your team or individually to find clients who are looking in to our services, we give you access to all necessary resources to help you with the entire process. You can work from anywhere in the world
Communicate with the client
We generally do follow ups and teach you how to communicate with clients who wanna join the digital world. Our support team will always be there to answer any questions the client might have on the services we provide. We jelp you to be sure a client wants to use our services before a deal can be sealed
Client Accepts the invoice, wait for project completion
We communicate with you daily on project progress, estimated completion times. You become your own project manager without doing the job. The fun part about working with us is that your suggestions are welcome, we make you feel at home.
Get Paid
We will notify you when the project is complete and even send you a sample to see what we have done for the client you have brought foward. Then we will pay you your 20% 24 hours after the project is complete. Our projects costs from R3500. 00 to R25 000.00, so do the math. ............ Good Luck................


Most frequent questions and answers

Teekay Networks Ltd. is not employing you, this is a consultation partnership invite which means you can either be someone who is unemployed, an individual looking to make extra money, a startup, someone who wants to start a business but doesn’t know where to start, an existing business looking to expand its services by adding our services in to their company and redirecting clients requiring our services.

Yes, you get paid 20% from any successful client you redirect to us 24 hours later after the clients pays the invoice. we offer different payment options and sometimes clients may choose to use the monthly payment options which means we will pay you 20% upfront or pay you 20% from the initial invoice every month.

This is just business, thing like this always happen and the consultant should expect disappointment sometimes.

Upon approval,You will be added to our intranet, where you will have the opportunity to interact with our team, see project status and completion dates, see your referred clients invoices so that you don’t feel like we are playing games with you, talk to clients you have redirected and get a business email (yourname@teekaynetworks.co.za) if necessary.

if you are serious about the programme and you really require it, then we will give you your own personalized email (yourname@teekaynetworks.co.za).

please note that this emails are  for business purpose only, no personal staff as they will be monitored and failure to follow this simple rule will result in the consultant being warned once and the second time will force Teekay Networks Ltd to cancel the Partnership immediately.